Symbol Recognition Demonstration

The Symbol Recognition Demo provides FlowDesigner networks that are used to recognize printed text (alphanumeric) extracted from live (real-time) 320x240 color images. The latest RobotFlow toolkit must be installed before using this demo. FlowDesigner networks provided with this demo are easy to modify to suit your configuration (image size, video capture hardware). The idea with this demo is to provide a simple algorithm that extracts characters from color components. Characters are extracted from the image with a simple color segmentation algorithm (8 neighbors), with 1 color representing the background and 1 color representing the foreground color (printed text). When probable characters are found in the image, the algorithm gives incremental pan-tilt-zoom commands to the camera (if supported by the camera) to get the maximum resolution of the characters to extract. When the size of the characters is adequate, components are scaled and sent to a feed forward artificial neural network (ANN) on character at a time. The output of the ANN, for each character, is used as a probability for each character to be part of any word in the dictionary.


Documentation is available here :
Latest CVS Version
SymbolRecog-0.1 (Latest Release)


04/11/2004 Download is available from SourceForge


04/11/2004 Symbol Recognition Demo (Template Classification)
04/11/2004 Symbol Recognition Demo (Template Classification)
04/11/2004 Symbol Recognition Demo (Color Training)
04/11/2004 Symbol Recognition Demo (Live Symbol Extraction)

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