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RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned long biSize
long biWidth
long biHeight
unsigned short biPlanes
unsigned short biBitCount
unsigned long biCompression
unsigned long biSizeImage
long biXPelsPerMeter
long biYPelsPerMeter
unsigned long biClrUsed
unsigned long biClrImportant

Field Documentation

unsigned short RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER::biBitCount

unsigned long RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER::biClrImportant

unsigned long RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER::biClrUsed

unsigned long RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER::biCompression

long RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER::biHeight

unsigned short RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER::biPlanes

unsigned long RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER::biSize

unsigned long RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER::biSizeImage

long RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER::biWidth

long RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER::biXPelsPerMeter

long RobotFlow::BITMAPINFOHEADER::biYPelsPerMeter

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