This section should be updated frequently and should contain up-to-date information about the status of the RobotFlow project. Please consult this page often.

Cleanup 01/01/2004 DONE! Clean up RobotFlow's nodes, merging stuff from the LABORIUS lab, tagged deprecated nodes.
Integration with FlowDesigner 01/02/2004 DONE! Modify compilation scripts to be compatible with the new FlowDesigner scripts
Project Presentation 01/02/2004 DONE! Basic description of the RobotFlow project and project's goals. Please see documentation section.
Integration with MARIE 01/07/2004 COMPLETED MARIE is the Mobile & Autonomous Robotics Integration Environment. Creation of the "Showcase" project that will demonstrate the capabilities of both MARIE / FlowDesigner / RobotFlow
Project Documentation 01/04/2004 WIKI CREATED Complete documentation of the project

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