Presentation RobotFlow Presentation 0.2 [PDF]
FlowDesigner FlowDesigner documentation 0.9 [PDF] [PS]
FSM Finite State Machine Generator 1.0 [PDF]
Nodes Available RobotFlow Nodes 0.2.6 [HTML]
API Doxygen Documentation 0.2.6 [HTML]

Installing RobotFlow

1) What's needed

2) Before installation

3) Installation steps

  1. Go to the RobotFlow directory
  2. Run the script (or the configure script if you downloaded the RobotFlow distribution from Sourceforge) in the RobotFlow directory. It uses autoconf, automake and libtool to create the makefiles. You must specify where Player is installed with the or configure script if you want to use the Player blocks.
  3. Run make
  4. Install RobotFlow (you may need to be root>
  5. The RobotFlow toolkit should now be installed properly.

4) Running FlowDesigner

  1. The PATH environment variable should include the directory where FlowDesigner is installed.
  2. If FlowDesigner libraries are not installed in the /usr/lib directory, you also might need to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to the directory where FlowDesigner libraries are installed.
  3. If you plan to use Player & Stage, you will also need to set the PATH environment variable to the proper directories.
  4. Run the visual editor (flowdesigner) included with FlowDesigner.
  5. Right clicking on the canvas, you should see the RobotFlow menu and available blocks
  6. Enjoy!

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