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capture Class Reference

#include <V4L2Capture.h>

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Public Member Functions

 capture ()
 ~capture ()
bool initialize (const char *device, int nwidth, int nheight, int nfmt, bool continuous)
bool initialize (int nwidth, int nheight)
bool initialize ()
void close ()
int getFD ()
unsigned char * captureFrame (int &index, int &field)
unsigned char * captureFrame ()
void releaseFrame (unsigned char *frame, int index)
unsigned char * getFrame ()
bool set_contrast (int contrast)
bool set_brightness (int brightness)
bool set_hue (int hue)
bool set_saturation (int color)
bool set_auto_white_balance (bool white_balance)
int getWidth ()
int getHeight ()

Private Attributes

int vid_fd
vimage_t vimage [10]
v4l2_format fmt
unsigned char * current
int width
int height
v4l2_buffer tempbuf
bool captured_frame

Data Structures

struct  vimage_t

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

capture::capture  )  [inline]

capture::~capture  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

unsigned char * capture::captureFrame  ) 

unsigned char * capture::captureFrame int &  index,
int &  field

timestamp = tempbuf.timestamp;

void capture::close  ) 

int capture::getFD  )  [inline]

unsigned char* capture::getFrame  )  [inline]

int capture::getHeight  )  [inline]

int capture::getWidth  )  [inline]

bool capture::initialize  )  [inline]

bool capture::initialize int  nwidth,
int  nheight

bool capture::initialize const char *  device,
int  nwidth,
int  nheight,
int  nfmt,
bool  continuous

void capture::releaseFrame unsigned char *  frame,
int  index

bool capture::set_auto_white_balance bool  white_balance  ) 

bool capture::set_brightness int  brightness  ) 

bool capture::set_contrast int  contrast  ) 

bool capture::set_hue int  hue  ) 

bool capture::set_saturation int  color  ) 

Field Documentation

bool capture::captured_frame [private]

unsigned char* capture::current [private]

struct v4l2_format capture::fmt [private]

int capture::height [private]

struct v4l2_buffer capture::tempbuf [private]

int capture::vid_fd [private]

vimage_t capture::vimage[10] [private]

int capture::width [private]

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