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RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry Class Reference

#include <ExploitationEntry.h>

Collaboration diagram for RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry:

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Detailed Description

Higher intelligence modules need to know which node have produced an output at a certain iteration count. ExploitationEntry contains the node, output_id and count required to process data from the exploitation mechanism.

Dominic Létourneau
2005/03/29 15:20:19

Public Member Functions

 ExploitationEntry (int count, FD::Node *node, int output_id)
 ExploitationEntry (const ExploitationEntry &cpy)
ExploitationEntryoperator= (const ExploitationEntry &eqs)
FD::NodegetNode ()
int getCount ()
int getOutputID ()
void printOn (std::ostream &out=std::cout) const

Private Attributes

 The node pointer where the exploitation entry is related.
int m_count
 The iteration counter where the exploitation occured.
int m_output_id
 The output_id of the exploitation output.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry::ExploitationEntry int  count,
FD::Node node,
int  output_id

Constructor with count, node, output_id args.

count The iteration count of the entry
node The node (behavior) where the exploitation occurs
output_id The output_id from the exploited node (behavior)

RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry::ExploitationEntry const ExploitationEntry cpy  )  [inline]

Copy constructor.

cpy The ExploitationEntry to copy

Member Function Documentation

int RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry::getCount  )  [inline]

Iteration count accessor from the ExploitationEntry class

Return values:
int The iteration count corresponding to the entry

FD::Node* RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry::getNode  )  [inline]

Node accessor from the ExploitationEntry class

Return values:
Node* The node pointer corresponding to the entry

int RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry::getOutputID  )  [inline]

Output ID accessor from the ExploitationEntry class

Return values:
int The output identification of corresponding to the entry (related to the node)

ExploitationEntry& RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry::operator= const ExploitationEntry eqs  )  [inline]

= operator between two ExploitationEntr(ies)

eqs The ExploitationEntry to copy
Return values:
ExploitationEntry & self reference

void RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry::printOn std::ostream &  out = std::cout  )  const [inline]

Printing object to an output stream in the Overflow format.

out The output stream to write to.

Field Documentation

int RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry::m_count [private]

FD::Node* RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry::m_node [private]

int RobotFlow::ExploitationEntry::m_output_id [private]

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