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RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 IMU400_DATA ()
 IMU400_DATA (const IMU400_DATA &cpy)
IMU400_DATAoperator= (const IMU400_DATA &cpy)
void print (ostream &out)

Data Fields

float m_pitch_rate
float m_roll_rate
float m_yaw_rate
float m_x_accel
float m_y_accel
float m_z_accel
float m_time
float m_temperature

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::IMU400_DATA  )  [inline]

RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::IMU400_DATA const IMU400_DATA cpy  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

IMU400_DATA& RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::operator= const IMU400_DATA cpy  )  [inline]

void RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::print ostream &  out  )  [inline]

Field Documentation

float RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::m_pitch_rate

float RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::m_roll_rate

float RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::m_temperature

float RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::m_time

float RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::m_x_accel

float RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::m_y_accel

float RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::m_yaw_rate

float RobotFlow::IMU400_DATA::m_z_accel

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