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RobotFlow::LaserDevice Class Reference

#include <LaserDevice.h>

Public Member Functions

 LaserDevice (std::string serial_port)
 ~LaserDevice ()
bool EstablishCommunication ()
bool ReadLaserData (unsigned short *data, unsigned long datalen)
int SetLaserMeasurement (eMeasurementMode eMeasureMode, bool bIntensity)
bool SetLaserResolution (int width, int res)
bool SetLaserSpeed (int speed)
bool StartDataAcquisition ()
bool StopDataAcquisition ()

Private Member Functions

int SetSerialBaudrate (int nBaudrate)
unsigned short CreateCRC (unsigned char *data, unsigned long len)
void End_session (int fd)
int Port_initialisation (const char *serial_port)
int ReadFromLaser (unsigned char *data, unsigned long maxLen, bool ack, bool timeout)
void Receive ()
bool SetLaserMode ()
int WriteToLaser (unsigned char *data, unsigned long len)

Private Attributes

int m_Laser_fd
int m_killed
unsigned short * m_pLastDataBuffer
pthread_t m_Receiving_thread
pthread_mutex_t m_list_lock
std::list< std::string > m_received


void * receive_threadLaser (void *myLaser)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RobotFlow::LaserDevice::LaserDevice std::string  serial_port  ) 

RobotFlow::LaserDevice::~LaserDevice  ) 

Member Function Documentation

unsigned short RobotFlow::LaserDevice::CreateCRC unsigned char *  data,
unsigned long  len

void RobotFlow::LaserDevice::End_session int  fd  )  [private]

bool RobotFlow::LaserDevice::EstablishCommunication  ) 

int RobotFlow::LaserDevice::Port_initialisation const char *  serial_port  )  [private]

int RobotFlow::LaserDevice::ReadFromLaser unsigned char *  data,
unsigned long  maxLen,
bool  ack,
bool  timeout

bool RobotFlow::LaserDevice::ReadLaserData unsigned short *  data,
unsigned long  datalen

void RobotFlow::LaserDevice::Receive  )  [private]

int RobotFlow::LaserDevice::SetLaserMeasurement eMeasurementMode  eMeasureMode,
bool  bIntensity

bool RobotFlow::LaserDevice::SetLaserMode  )  [private]

bool RobotFlow::LaserDevice::SetLaserResolution int  width,
int  res

bool RobotFlow::LaserDevice::SetLaserSpeed int  speed  ) 

int RobotFlow::LaserDevice::SetSerialBaudrate int  nBaudrate  )  [private]

bool RobotFlow::LaserDevice::StartDataAcquisition  ) 

bool RobotFlow::LaserDevice::StopDataAcquisition  ) 

int RobotFlow::LaserDevice::WriteToLaser unsigned char *  data,
unsigned long  len

Friends And Related Function Documentation

void* receive_threadLaser void *  myLaser  )  [friend]

Field Documentation

int RobotFlow::LaserDevice::m_killed [private]

int RobotFlow::LaserDevice::m_Laser_fd [private]

pthread_mutex_t RobotFlow::LaserDevice::m_list_lock [private]

unsigned short* RobotFlow::LaserDevice::m_pLastDataBuffer [private]

std::list<std::string> RobotFlow::LaserDevice::m_received [private]

pthread_t RobotFlow::LaserDevice::m_Receiving_thread [private]

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