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RobotFlow::LaserProbe Class Reference

#include <LaserProbe.h>

Public Member Functions

 LaserProbe (std::string nodeName, FD::ParameterSet params)
virtual ~LaserProbe ()
virtual void initialize ()
virtual void reset ()
virtual void display ()
virtual void show_hide ()
void ChangeZoom (bool bZoomIn)

Protected Attributes

GnomeCanvas * m_pCanvas
GnomeCanvasGroup * m_pGroup
GnomeCanvasItem * m_ppLine [361]
GtkWidget * m_button1
GtkWidget * m_button2
double m_fZoomFactor
double m_xmin
double m_xmax
double m_ymin
double m_ymax

Private Member Functions

void ResetView ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RobotFlow::LaserProbe::LaserProbe std::string  nodeName,
FD::ParameterSet  params

RobotFlow::LaserProbe::~LaserProbe  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void RobotFlow::LaserProbe::ChangeZoom bool  bZoomIn  ) 

void RobotFlow::LaserProbe::display  )  [virtual]

Ask for the node's output which ID (number) is output_id and for the 'count' iteration

void RobotFlow::LaserProbe::initialize  )  [virtual]

Class specific initialization routine. Each class will call its subclass specificInitialize() method

void RobotFlow::LaserProbe::reset  )  [virtual]

Class reset routine. Each class will call its superclass reset() method

void RobotFlow::LaserProbe::ResetView  )  [private]

void RobotFlow::LaserProbe::show_hide  )  [virtual]

Field Documentation

GtkWidget* RobotFlow::LaserProbe::m_button1 [protected]

GtkWidget* RobotFlow::LaserProbe::m_button2 [protected]

double RobotFlow::LaserProbe::m_fZoomFactor [protected]

GnomeCanvas* RobotFlow::LaserProbe::m_pCanvas [protected]

GnomeCanvasGroup* RobotFlow::LaserProbe::m_pGroup [protected]

GnomeCanvasItem* RobotFlow::LaserProbe::m_ppLine[361] [protected]

double RobotFlow::LaserProbe::m_xmax [protected]

double RobotFlow::LaserProbe::m_xmin [protected]

double RobotFlow::LaserProbe::m_ymax [protected]

double RobotFlow::LaserProbe::m_ymin [protected]

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